Jane and Ron Katzberg know each other so well. Yet, after 65 years of marriage, they can still surprise each other.

“Each week we spend time in the art studio together,” said Jane. “The paintings we create for each other really touch my heart. Sometimes it’s a still life of botanical plants. Sometimes it’s a tropical sunset. We’re not professional artists, but I love it when Ron paints. He really enjoys it.”

“I love spending time in the art studio,” said Ron. “I was an artist as a teenager, but I gave it up when I went into the Army. “Now I have the chance to pick up a brush again. That is really special. Any time I get to spend with my wife is special.”

Jane and Ron moved to Lions Gate 3-1/2 years ago, to be near their son. “We were living in North Carolina at the time,” said Jane. “Ron had some memory loss, so he was living in a memory care community, and I was living in our home. I had to drive 60 miles every day to visit him. I wanted to find a place where we could live in the same community. Moving to Lions Gate was exactly what I was looking for. I can visit him whenever I want, and we can enjoy shared activities together. The art studio really brings us joy, and Carol, the art teacher, is wonderful.”

“It’s very inspiring to work with seniors who have lived such amazing lives,” said Carol Gooberman, the art teacher at Lions Gate. “My parents moved here 16 years ago, and that’s when I started teaching in the art studio. I encourage all residents to give art a try. You don’t have to be an experienced artist to come to the art classes. Everyone is welcome! I love it when residents are willing to try something new. They always remind me that when you’re young at heart, you never stop learning.”

“That’s true!” said Jane. “I love the opera class here. I’ve learned so much from that class. The art classes and the opera class are my favorite things to do at Lions Gate, but I also enjoy the pool and hot tub. I love the day trips to the beach. Bingo is always fun. And I try to stop in for a concert now and then. Ron and I have always loved music.”

As Ron finished work on his botanical plant painting for the day, he proudly showed it to Jane. “For years we collected antiques,” said Jane. “Ron was also a collector of rare books, and he sold them all over the world. He had first editions from the 1200’s. They were very special. But so is this art. Now he proudly displays his art collection of Ron Katzberg originals.”

Keep on painting together, Jane and Ron. The door to the art studio at Lions Gate will always be open for you and newcomers of every ability.